All of us within the units of Student and Academic Services strive to promote an educational environment where students thrive in pursuit of their academic and personal goals. From the chefs in the West Campus House System, to the chaplains in Cornell United Religious Work, to the intercollegiate coaches interacting with student-athletes, these staff and many more working in the units provide programs, services, and opportunities for Cornell students to have a well-rounded and successful educational experience.

This site allows you to explore the many units, programs, services, and resources within our division. Vice President Susan Murphy's programmatic updates offer periodic highlights of our activities to keep you up-to-date and our strategic plan guides our direction, our activities, and our use of resources over the next several years. For an overview of our most recent year's accomplishments, we invite you to read our 2012-13 Annual Report.


Autism Rights Activist Urges Students to Recognize ‘Neurodiversity’

President and founder of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network gives lecture on neurodiversity. Watch it here.

Mindful Meditation Series: Good for Mind and Body

Mindful Meditation program helps improve well-being of faculty, staff, and students.